Cross Patch Creations Signature Blend Batt

$ 26.00

A yummy blend of Romney and Corriedale wool, tussah and bombyx silk, and Viscose.  Produced with love in Montana by Joan Contraman, from her own beloved sheep.  The lovely Tammany's Prize batt comes from the wool of Darby, Amelia, Abigail and Constance, while Skalkaho Pass is from Gordon, Merlin, Monty, Ada and Nora.  It's so nice to know who's fleece you're spinning.

The swirls of vibrant color blend as you spin for a gorgeous jewel-toned yarn.  There's nothing else like this fiber: you'll love spinning it and you'll love the yarn you create.  Spun thin, these beautiful batts produce a fantastic one-of-a-kind textured yarn.

Packaged in 4 ounce bags

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