Round the Needle

The story in your knitting February 16, 2015 09:00 2 Comments

SamanthaYou know the time of day; you've just come home from a long day of work, or maybe it's your Saturday "you-time." You put on your cozy clothes, those fuzzy socks you love, sit on the couch and turn on a good podcast, or music, or your favorite television show to listen along to while you work on your project.

Something phenomenal is happening - while you're working and you're memorizing your pattern, you're listening to your show and you find that the words begin to play into your work. Each pattern row is woven with the information from the voices and sounds you're hearing.

Your project becomes something special at this point. You listen as you figure out a tough spot in your project. You listen as you un-knit that row you totally messed up. You listen as you re-knit the row and make it look perfect again.

Then the project is done, and you give that sigh and force yourself from your comfortable spot on the couch to go make dinner. When you return to your finished piece and run your fingers along the cables and the slips, you remember the exact words and feelings of the voices from your program, and the project becomes a special bookmark in your life.